Bear Dallis Associates manages your non-profit organization like a business, and we are mindful about your bottom-line as well as your mission. We embrace the mission of every single not-for-profit organization that we are privileged to work with. Whatever your size, scope or level of requirements, we can manage your association with effectiveness and professionalism

Financial Acumen

We provide financial management from day-to-day accounting practices, banking and membership processing as well as document preparation for the annual audit, state and federal filings, and annual reports.


From Farm to Table, Inc.

Spoons Across America®, the source for children’s culinary education is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating children, teachers, and families about the benefits of healthy eating. We work to influence the eating habits of children through hands-on education that celebrates the connection to local farmers and the important tradition of sharing meals around the family table. www.spoonsacrossamerica.org

Martha Bear Dallis is a member of the Spoons Founders Circle, and served as the executive director from 2008-2009. Bear Dallis Associates provided association management services from 2001-2009 for Spoons Across America®.


  • board relations
  • development
  • donor relations
  • financial management
  • fund-raising
  • long range planning
  • staff and volunteers


  • annual audited financials
  • annual fund-raising campaigns
  • corporate sponsorships
  • donor appreciation events
  • education curriculum
  • e-newsletter
  • grants
  • non-profit compliance
  • web marketing

The American Institute of Wine & Food

The American Institute of Wine & Food is a non-profit organization and public charity founded on the premise that gastronomy is essential to the quality of human existence. www.aiwf.org

Bear Dallis Associates has provided association management services to the AIWF New York Chapter since 2003, and provided national headquarter services from 2006-2009.


  • chapter and board relations
  • chapter revenue sharing
  • committee relations
  • development
  • financial management
  • long range planning
  • membership
  • organizational analysis

Bear Dallis Associates has combined extensive industry knowledge with practicality to provide flawless execution of our events.

Scott Hunt, Chair Emeritus, The American Institute of Wine & Food, New York Chapter

Headquarters Infrastructure
  • communication
  • financial management
  • human resources
  • office facilities
  • technology
  • annual conferences
  • appreciation events
  • board meetings
  • committee meetings
  • fund-raisers
  • membership drives